Heráclito / Knowledge + Strategy  is specialist in studies of the high complexity. Applying, in each case, creative and innovative methodology for arriving to the intelligent information and solving the problem of knowledge and decision.

Our project involvement in Latin American markets include, amongst other:

ˇ Identification of business opportunities in Latin America for a major food product company in Peru.

ˇ Benchmarking on large pharmaceutical Mexican companies.

ˇ Searching for a strategic partner on behalf of a major satellite technology supplier from the United States.

ˇ Support information to determine location of a tomato past manufacturing plant in Peru.

ˇ Life-Style Market Position and Segmentation conducted for a major baby food manufacturer (Multivariate Analysis).

ˇ Concept and product test for a leading cracker brand.

ˇ Habit and attitude base study on the consumption of frozen food requested by a major multinational company.

ˇ In-depth individual interviews to veterinary doctors as requested by a pet food manufacturer.

ˇ Tests of designs of packaging, with analysis of effectiveness of communication, perception of colors and competitive differentiation.

ˇ Study to decide installation of a new food industry in Brazil, including environmental and social impact.

ˇ Competitive analysis of the Chilean market of credit cards, for important regional bank.

ˇ Study and Strategic Analysis of the market of high technology equipment for mechanical testing, in Spain and Portugal.

ˇ Concept test for the design and development of a new machine to help the mother to prepare the feeding of the baby.

ˇ Competitive and market intelligence for the development  launch strategies for a new medicament.

ˇ Study with ethnographic technique and advanced qualitative methodologies for a new vaccine applicator.

ˇ Product testing and in-depth interviews for a manufacturer of diapers.

ˇ Ethnographic and qualitative research with interviews based on conversations with mothers with young children, to produce information to support new treatments for infectious diseases.

ˇ Competitive intelligence of the vaccine market in Latin America.



ˇ Industries (Pharmaceutical and equipment for health, food and beverages, consumer, energy, construction, chemicals, agro-industry, machinery and equipment, automotive, transportation, high technology)

ˇ Services (Financial, tourism, insurance, transport, health care, energy, and telecommunications)

ˇ General (Business climate and context, statistical data, financial information, legal regulations, economic agreements, foreign trade, etc.)

We have worked with: 

Alicorp Perú, AT&T, Bristol-Meyer Squibb, Codelco, Emerson, GoodYear, Hilbing Franke Espirituosas Argentina, Kimberly-Clark, Lockheed-Martin, Motorola, MTS, Nestlé Chile, Nestlé-Purina, Novartis, Sanofi, Sudamericana de Brochas Ecuador, The Royal Dutch/ Shell Group, Thomson Business, Watts Alimentos Chile.